Gold Coast to Lockyer Valley

DAY 1 : Gold Coast to Laidley

APPROX. 165 KM / 2 HRS

Take the M2 and onto A2 from the Gold Coast to head towards Plainland. Leave the highway at Gatton and head to Tins and Trays Patisserie for morning tea. Take the State Route 80 to Laidley and onto Whites Road to arrive in Forest Hill and explore the old pubs, antiques and secondhand stores. Lunch at the Lockyer Hotel and then check into a farm stay at either Clewleys Country Haven or Branell Homestead.

DAY 2 : Laidley to Gold Coast

APPROX. 142 KM / 1 HR 45 MINS

Enjoy life on the farm for the morning then head to more farms with your empty esky. Must visit: Awassi Farms, Mulgowie Farmers Markets, UB’s Farm, Schulte’s Meat Tavern and 9Dorf Farms. Return to the coast.

Fancy a pub lunch? Check out these friendly country pubs in the Lockyer Valley:

• Porters Plainland Hotel
• The Mulgowie Pub
• Queensland National Hotel (QN), Laidley
• The Lockyer Hotel, Forest Hill
• The Forest Hill Hotel
• The Royal Hotel, Gatton
• The Withcott Hotel
• The Brightview Tavern
• Murphy’s Creek Tavern
• Tentill Pub

For all vintage motor lovers, head to Scotty's Garage on Flagstone Creek Road, Car museum and open for lunch on weekend.