BOQE & ATDW Support

Load your business/event onto ATDW

Southern Queensland Country Tourism (SQCT) continues to work in partnership with Tourism and Events Queensland to maximise exposure for members. One of the ways we are able to create exposure for our members is through their Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) listing. By creating a listing for your business or event you will then appear on our SQC website along with any other sites that pull data from the ATDW.

If you don’t have an ATDW listing, the process is simple and it’s free for tourism operators to sign-up.

Register Here

How to Load a Deal

  • Enter your username (email address) and password
  • From your listing dashboard, click the ‘update’ button next to the listing you would like to update
  • Navigate to the ‘Add a deal/offer’ section on the left-hand side menu and add the details of your holiday deal
  • Click on ‘Send for review’ when you have finished updating your listing
  • Your updates will be reviewed and approved within 1-2 business days

What is the Best of Queensland Experiences Program (BOQEP)?

All Queensland tourism products with a live listing on ATDW will be assessed annually against the Best of Queensland Experiences Program criteria and receive an individual report providing valuable consumer insights on their business, worth more than $2,000.

TEQ's Best of Queensland Experiences Program guides industry to deliver exceptional customer experiences and allows TEQ to identify tourism products that consistently deliver high-quality visitor experiences and meet consumer expectations. The Best of Queensland Experiences will be prioritised across all TEQ and SQCT marketing and activity to ensure visitors are directed to the best experiences in region.

How is each listing assessed?

Each listing is assessed on an annual basis on the following criteria.

  • Constant delivery of an exceptional experience, based on positive customer reviews - 60 Points
  • Website with a secure online booking platform - 15 Points
  • Active and engaging social media presence - 15 Points
  • Regional Tourism Organisation membership - 5 Points
  • Accreditation - 5 Points

How can you get involved?

Each operator is assessed through their Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) Listing. If you have an active and current ATDW listing, You will automatically be assessed under the program.

The best way to ensure that you get the best result you can, is to ensure that your ATDW Profile is set up correctly, and that links are correct. If you have any questions or require support, please reach out to

How can I track my BOQE Status?

Tourism and Events Queensland provides assessed operators the ability to track and view their monthly BOQE status. Click on the BOQE Portal tile below to find out more, or email if you have any questions or issues.