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Visitor Research

Southern Queensland Country is a diverse and picturesque region in Queensland, Australia, known for its scenic landscapes, charming country towns, vineyards, national parks, and outdoor recreational activities. We collect people movement data to help us identify and profile our visitors, so we can be efficient with our marketing. Who are they, where are they coming from and what do they want to do when they get here? All these questions we answer with our state of the art insights into people movement.

Research trends both Global and Australian provide members with an understanding of what the travelling public are planning for their next holidays and what their key considerations are.

The information provided on this page is overarching and publicly accessible. For access to high-level insights on the visitor economy to our region, including accommodation vacancy rates and average daily room rates you must hold a SQCT membership. SQCT members can access this information via the membership portal. Not a SQCT member? Contact our team at to ask about joining today.

SQCT Target Markets

Southern Queensland Country Tourism prioritises high value travellers from the domestic market. Travellers today more than ever are seeking safe destinations offering an exceptional visitor experience. High value travellers are key to increasing visitor expenditure in the region with SQC’s variety of tourism product, unique experiences, road trip itineraries, food and wine trails, nature trails and exceptional natural attractions providing the incentive to visit and stay longer.


  • Couples are the largest visitor source at 41% of the region’s overall overnight visitor numbers.
  • Families and Friends/Relative groups make up 30% and 29% respectively of all overnight visitors.

Our visitors cover a wide range of age groups and visitation purposes with each Council area within SQC varying slightly. Members can access region specific data via the member portal in our monthly data reports.

Travelling without children

  • 18 to 49 year olds travelling as a couple or with friends, no children.
  • Intra and interstate 600km drive radius of SQC. Primary markets include Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast plus major interstate cities Sydney, and to a lesser degree Melbourne and Canberra via air.

Able to spend a little more and make decisions quickly, this high value market lives primarily in metropolitan areas, work in white collar jobs and have higher disposable income.

SQCT targets this market through social media, email marketing and content relevant to their lifestyle and travel inspirations including nature and food trails and itineraries.

Travelling with children

  • 18 to 49 year olds travelling with children.
  • Intra and interstate 600km drive radius of SQC. Primarily a drive market with some fly-in opportunity from major interstate cities. Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast are key target markets.

Seeking the convenience of a drive holiday not too far from home offering good value for money and a variety of experiences.

SQC targets this market through family specific content and travel inspiration, school holiday guides, email marketing and social media.

Over 50 travel

  • 50 years + travelling as a couple or with friends, no children
  • Higher frequency of intra/interstate drive market within 600km radius plus and further interstate

With more spare time to travel, this market offers a longer length of stay and wider dispersal.

SQC targets this higher value traveller through media partnerships along with social media, email marketing, itineraries and visitor guides.

*Source: Tourism Research Australia Local Government Area Profiles (6 Council regions average)