Central Queensland Highlands

Must-do activities in the Central Queensland Highlands

When you're navigating your way around a new place, having some local knowledge can go a long way in uncovering those deeper hidden gems. Take a look at a compilation of must-do activities in the Central Queensland Highlands, curated by our team.

The Gemfields – It would be remiss of any traveller venturing through the Central Queensland Highlands to forgo visiting The Gemfields. Steeped in mining heritage, fossick for you own chance to strike it rich, take a Take a tour of underground mining operations, hear about the characters who struck it rich and see examples of some of the supersized gems that were found in the surrounding earth.

Carnarvon Gorge – Australia’s ‘green canyon’ is no mirage; Carnarvon National Park has been inspiring visitors for thousands of years. This inland oasis thrives in its own ecosystem thanks to permanent spring waters, cool temperatures and low levels of direct sunlight. The culturally significant landmark is home to fern-lined gullies, native wildlife and bubbling brooks all accessible by a connected network of hiking trails, from day walks to week-long adventures.

Events in Region

Gemfest – Experience the ‘festival of gems’, across three full days showcasing the best of Australia’s rich gem mining industry, still alive throughout the townships of Sapphire, Rubyvale, Anakie and Willows. Pick your own unique piece of handcrafted jewellery or enjoy artisan demonstrations, live entertainment and so much more.