Trade Only Resources

Access to this resource page is intended for Travel Agents only

What tools do I have access to?

Travel Agents are invited to access a range of valuable resources, including our QCT image library and familiarisation request forms.

Images and Videos are supplied to help industry members and partners for the sole purpose of positively promoting tourism and travel to Queensland Country.

How to use the Queensland Country Tourism image library

1. Scroll to the very end of the images list and find "TRADE" album on bottom left-hand side
2. Click the download icon next to each image to add it to your basket
3. Select up to 20 images, then click the green 'download' button
4. Your images will download into a ZIP folder

Please read our terms and conditions on the next page carefully for restrictions relating to the use of images.

Access to our Member Login Area is password protected

Password: QCTTradeMedia

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