Must-do activities in the Goondiwindi Region

When you're navigating your way around a new place, having some local knowledge can go a long way in uncovering those deeper hidden gems. Take a look at a compilation of must-do activities in the Goondiwindi Region, curated by our team.

Goondiwindi Cotton – Take a behind the scenes guided tour of the town and visit to Goondiwindi Cotton's working cotton farm - "Alcheringa". During the tour you will uncover the history of cotton production in Australia and the evolution from field to fabric. Along the way, you’ll also take in some of the iconic features of the region.

GrainCorp Silos at Yelarbon – Complete your experience of the Goondiwindi Region by adding one of the biggest silo artworks in Australia, to your ‘must-see” list. The silo art at Yelarbon - ‘When the Rain Comes’, stands at 96 metres long, conveys a sense of optimism and hope for the future while taking cues from the rich history of the community.

Events in Region

Hell of the West (AKA Festival of Hell) – Ran in Summer each year, Hell of the West, deriving its name from the season, is the toughest (and oldest) iconic Queensland long course triathlon event, consisting of a two-kilometre swim in the mighty Macintyre River, 80 kilometre "dead flat" cycle along the Barwon Highway and 20 kilometre 'hot as hell' run along the picturesque Macintyre River – An event not for the faint hearted.