Peter Homan

Chief Executive Officer

With over twenty years of experience across Tourism, Hospitality and Not-For-Profit industries, Peter has demonstrated the ability to deliver world-class services by leading the development, translation and execution of a wide range of strategies including business development, community engagement, marketing, communications, business transformation and operations.

Peter showcases the determination to resolve complex issues by leading research and analysis activities to identify inefficiencies, trends and root causes (e.g., economic, technological) while formulating innovative sustainable solutions.

Throughout his career, Peter has positively contributed to a number of organisation’s growth, development and success including improving the organisations capability, team performance, culture, brand awareness, stakeholder relationships and ultimately revenue.

Up until 2019, Peter has served as the General Manager and CEO of the Outback Queensland Tourism Association for 5 years. In July 2019, Peter was appointed as CEO of Queensland Country Tourism.

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