Sheree Gillies

Marketing Manager

Sheree Gillies leads the Marketing team at Queensland Country Tourism. Known for her expertise in tourism marketing and event planning, Sheree has a proven track record in experience-led marketing, strategic campaign development, and creating compelling content across digital and print platforms.

Starting her career at the Toowoomba Turf Club, she later enhanced her skills at the Mercure Gold Coast Resort before joining Queensland Country Tourism in February 2022. Here, she leads marketing strategies that significantly elevate the region's tourism profile.

As the Young Tourism Leader for 2022-23, Sheree is passionate about mentoring and promoting tourism careers to students, showcasing the diverse opportunities within the industry.

Her dedication to developing innovative marketing solutions and her commitment to mentorship mark her as a key player in the tourism sector. For those looking to engage in impactful tourism marketing or seeking insights into the industry's future, Sheree Gillies offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

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